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Helping Professional Women Manage Anxieties

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The Thrive Program teaches you a holistic approach to managing anxieties and offers guidance on ways to manage issues or concerns related to them. 


                        You will learn:

  •  Ways to reduce and cope with panic attacks, stress, social anxiety and/or health anxiety

  • Learning skills related to assertiveness,

  • Problem-solving, decision-making, tolerating uncertainty and more

Herbal Medicine




Nourishing the skin and within. Conscious-Lee holistic remedies focusses on the body as a hole offering an array of products 


                   Such as:

  • Herbal infused soaps

  • Nourishing Body butters

  • Nutrient rich Sea moss

  • Herbal tea blends

  • and more 

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Sheila Johnson

RN Nurse Manager

"Everything I've gotten always keeps my mind, body and spirit grounded. The candles and herbal tea blend keeps me calm and centered,. Can not get enough of Conscious-Lee!"

Ronnie Daymon

Doctor Credential Rep

"Absolutely love the Berry-Moss, it has kept my immune system boosted along with the herbal supplements"

Iris Torres

Interior Decorater

"The soap and body cream leaves my skin hydrated and silky smooth"

My Mission

My mission is to teach professional women how to manage anxieties through natural remedies.


I believe in the power of mind over matter  by digging deep we can regain power by operating on a conscious level.


The program I've created will have you explore natural ways that'll help soothe and manage on set anxieties. On this journey we explore ways to regain control by applying holistic measures and focusing on the body as a whole.


With the use of herbal remedies, nutritional guidance, meditation and other therapeutic lifestyle changes; we will restore, balance and harmonize to maintain overall wellness.

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