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Our Mission:

Conscious Lee is a black owned company dedicated to holistic wellness. Our mission is to bring more awareness to mental wellness specifically postpartum depression within the black and latino communities through holistic crafting.

Our Vision:

ConsciousLee wants to offer not only creative activities that are known to soothe mental health but also create a safe space where parents can express their feelings without judgement

Our Goal:

  • To partner with organizations committed to bringing overall mental wellness awareness to the black and latino communities

  • To provide a bridge that connects black families to postpartum resources and support 


My name is Lee! a nurturer by nature. I've been crafting skincare products for over seven years to be in control of what I put on my skin. Through crafting, I found how the power of self-care had a positive effect on my mental health. After years of working in the skincare industry, I decided to create a safe community for those looking for a way to alleviate some of the stresses of day-to-day life. 

I'm an advocate of holistic wellness and have committed to creating awareness of the importance of mental health especially within post maternal families.  I chose post maternal wellness due to my own personal experience as a new mother. I suffered for many years due to lack of conversations, resources and support. I was misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly. I know I am not alone and through my crafting services I am hoping we can open a dialogue without feeling ashamed or judged. 


I believe in the power of self-care for mental health, and nothing is more enjoyable than creating a project you love. Whether it's knitting, sewing, woodworking, soap making, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, writing, flower arrangement, and making a mess is extremely good for our mental health.


Crafts n Giggles kits are beginner-friendly and promote relaxation. Crafting produces dopamine, which makes people feel good, increases drive & improves concentration. Use your hands, create something, and feel good about it.


 I help hundreds just like you and me use crafting to de-stress 


You will often find me sharing topics like:

  • How to craft for mental wellness 

  • How to use your hands to create 

  • Ways to ease mental health

  • Mental health awareness

  • Remedies for self-love, self-care

Fun facts


Home: Upstate, New York (yes, it's cold)

Strengths: Optimistic. Enjoy learning. Bilingual (English, Spanish) I want to learn French and Japanese. I run a home business with my two young adult sons, high school sweetheart and they are still breathing lol

Weaknesses: late night snacks, not knowing when to ask for help, overthinking everything


Passions: Overall wellness, meditation and helping others see their light

Different craft materials
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