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Glow baby glow! How to make Emerald Sugar scrub

Are you tired of dull and dry body skin? Do you want to feel like a glowing goddess with the smoothest skin ever? If so, sugar scrubs

can be your best friend. Sugar has large granules that act as physical exfoliants for your skin. They aren’t suitable for the face because they tend to cause micro-tears. However, gentle sugar scrubs can be used on the body to slough off dead skin.

There are all kinds of variations when it comes to sugar scrubs. These include regular sugar scrubs, emulsified sugar scrubs, and

whipped sugar scrubs. Let’s see what the difference between them is.

♥ Regular sugar scrubs are pretty straightforward. You simply mix

some sugar with an oil base. You can add other things like essential oils to customize them based on scent and color. And that’s about

it! These are super easy and affordable to make at home. Plus, they do the job pretty well, which is to physically exfoliate your body.

♥ Emulsified sugars scrubs contain sugar granules, emulsifying wax, and a plethora of oils to form a nice base for the concoction. It leaves the skin fresh and supple after use. The combination of oils and emulsifying wax gives the scrub a lotion type feel when introduced to water.

♥ Foaming bath whip sugar scrubs contain sugar granules and some sort of surfactant (foaming agent) as the base. The best part is that they leave the skin cleansed, glowy and exfoliated without stripping it of its natural oils. This means you can leave the shower with baby-soft skin that is moisturized too! Luckily, Conscious-Lee has a DIY emulsified sugar scrub called the Emerald Body Scrub

that you can make in the comfort of your home. The ingredients that you receive in this set are:

★ 10g Mango Butter

★ 8g Kokum Butter

★ 54g Safflower Oil

★ 30g Fractionated Coconut Oil

★ 10g BTMS-50 Emulsifying Wax

★ 4g Cetyl Alcohol

★ Cool Down

★ (once the mixture reaches trace)

★ 2g Germall Plus (Preservative)

★ 2g Vitamin E Oil (antioxidant)

★ 2g Essential Oils (optional - but highly recommended)

★ 2g Matcha Powder (optional)

★ 80g White Granulated Sugar (exfoliant)

Instructions on how to make your emulsified sugar scrub:

Measure out your oil phase ingredients: Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Safflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, BTMS-50, and Cetyl alcohol

Alcohol. Combine the oil phase in a heat-proof bowl and gently melt over low heat until completely liquid. Once melted, use a hand-blender for at least a minute to ensure they’re mixed well.

Allow the mixture to cool while stirring at regular intervals to ensure a smooth mixture. Then, you can add the cool-down ingredients

(Preservatives, antioxidants, your choice of essential oils, and matcha powder).

Blend again until the ingredients are fully incorporated into the mixture and add the sugar to your mixture. Make sure it is evenly


Lastly, add it to a cute tub-style container and leave it for 24 hours so that it firms up and is ready for use. This recipe is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients like matcha green

tea. It has soothing properties and calms down skin redness. Green tea is also an antioxidant, which means it protects your skin from free radical damage. This emulsified sugar scrub has all the goods you can need!

The great part about making your own products is that you’re in complete control on how they perform. In addition to choosing which type of sugar you prefer as an exfoliant, you can further customize this recipe by adding a unique fragrance or a vibrant color.

The bottom line is that sugar scrubs are a great way to give yourself a self-care moment and exfoliate your worries away. Pick your winner and get on with removing those dead skin cells!

Not sure where to purchase to supplies needed to complete recipe? We have what you need

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