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Managing Anxiety Conscious-Lee with a Natural and Holistic Approach!

Anxiety is a disorder that affects more than 40 million adults in the U.S alone. Anxiety is the intense, excessive, and persistent worry and/or fear of everyday situations. You could become anxious because you may have a public speaking event in front of hundreds of people or an exam that is soon approaching. Either way, this worry causes you to feel uncomfortable and can lead to mental distractions. Depending on how severe your anxious is, it could leave you feeling unmotivated or less focused to accomplish a task or your daily activities. Here are a few ways to decrease your anxiety with natural remedies;


Meditation is a great way to decrease anxiety. Meditation allows for the body and mind to become still and reach a level of peace. Anxiety usually causes for the mind to run wild and think of many ways possible outcomes for your situation both positive and negative. By meditating, your mind becomes still and stops thinking about the very stressors you may have. This allows for you to calm down and think more clearly.


Yoga is also a great way to decrease anxiety. It’s also a great way to improve your flexibility and become more grounded. The many different poses helps you focus on your breathing which sends oxygen to the brain which then relaxes the body.


Going to the gym to let off some steam is always a great to lower anxiety levels. You can focus on strengthening your body which can cause you to forget all about your worries. Also, improving your health will always make you feel better because you are doing something for you!


There are many different holiest teas that are great for decreasing stress and anxiety. One of my favorites is chamomile tea. It’s a natural herbal tea that relaxes the body. It’s recommended to drink near bedtime since it has some melatonin effects and can cause drowsiness. Mint tea is also another great tea to manage anxiety. It has a soothing affect that helps to put you at ease and make you more relaxed.

Anxiety is never fun for anyone and sometimes managing it can be a task. Once you become aware of your triggers and what causes your anxiety, you can then work towards ways of managing your anxiety. Hopefully, some of the tips shared can be useful for you!

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