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Simple steps to make Enchanted Body Butter

Isn't it true that we all enjoy a delicious body butter? In the palms of our hands, they're like magical tubs of velvety silky whipped fluffy bliss, waiting to be slathered and smothered over our skin.

Body butter is a moisturizer that is thick and incredibly moisturizing. It can help to prevent dry skin, as well as rough or uneven skin. Natural butters like cocoa butter, shea butter, and mango butter are commonly used to make body butter. Body butter is good for usage at night because it is thicker than lotion. Because lotion is lighter than body butter, you may prefer it for daily use.

Body butter has so many advantages for our skin. Deep hydration is one of the most well-known effects. Thick whipped compositions penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing for maximum hydration. This results in skin that is plumper, smoother, and more glass-like.

Why not create your own body butter at the comfort of your home? Our enchanted body whip recipe is as easy as applying body butter! super smooth and easy. Our new formulations have improved the performance, durability and effectiveness of the body butter.

Our new formula includes 100g of mango butter, 37.5g of kokum butter, 37.5g of avocado oil, 25g of MCT, 25g of fractionated oil, 12.5g of slick fix, 2.5g of fragrance and 2.5g of vitamin E.

Our kit contains all ingredients and clear instructions so you can make your own body butter perfectly. To create a body butter for the skin, it is directed to follow these directions below.

1) Weigh out the mango butter, cocoa butter, and almond oil in a double boiler or double boiler insert.

2) Heat over medium heat until the butters have melted.

3) Add in the arrowroot starch and mix together thoroughly until it is well incorporated into your mixture. Pour the mixture into a stainless-steel bowl that will fit into your freezer.

4) Place the mixture into the freezer or into an ice bath to cool the mixture as quickly as possible. This will help prevent a grainy texture in the final product.

5) After a few minutes have passed, remove the mixture from the freezer and use a spatula to wipe the solidified butters off the sides of the pan. Beat everything together.

6) If the mixture is relatively cool, add in heat-sensitive ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils. Whip them together with the rest of the ingredients and place the mixture back in the freezer again for a few more minutes.

7) Remove the mixture from the freezer again and, once again, use a spatula to remove the solidified butter from the sides of the bowl. Use the beater to whip everything together.

8) Continue the cycle of freezing and whipping until the mixture has solidified enough to keep its shape.

Treat yourself with our enchanted body whip recipe kit to create your own body butter and to have the most nourished and hydrated skin. A fun experience with the reward of silky-smooth skin!

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