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Take a dip in some bath tea

Every once in a while, one feels the need to enjoy a stress-free day. What better way to leave your worries behind than with a hot bath? It will relax your muscles and give you some much-needed alone time. Spice up your hot bath with some bath salts, your favorite scented candles, and some snacks. The Bath Tea Blend Kit has all the goodness of essential bath salts paired with a botanical blend to give your skin the love it deserves. Let’s dive more into the ingredients of the Bath Tea Blend Kit and what benefits they provide for your skin:

The Bath Tea Blend Kit contains:

Epsom Salt: Epsom salt provides physical exfoliation for the body; therefore, it sloughs off dead skin cells and softens up dry and rough skin. It also helps soothe muscle pain. It is said to promote better foot health and aid detox within the body.

Botanical Blend: The botanical blend contains a variety of tea and plant extracts that have antioxidant properties. They help fight free radical damage and brighten up the skin as well!

Baking Soda- Baking soda has several benefits when added to bath salt blends. It helps alleviate itchiness. Baking soda mixed with other ingredients is also used for skin conditions. It is a great option for promoting detoxification within the body when paired with Epsom salts.

Dendritic Salt: Dendritic salt is another one with relaxing properties. Dendritic salt is known to absorb and hold fragrances which is why it is a great addition to our bath tea blend.

Natrasorb: Natrasorb is essential for this recipe as it's known to hold oils and help disperser them into water, without leaving an oil ring around the tub and preventing slippage.

Coconut Milk: The coconut milk within the Bath Tea Blend Kit is amazing for people with dry skin. It is highly moisturizing due to the fatty acids present in it. This is why it is beneficial for itchy skin and helps nourish the skin deeply.

Curious how to make an herbal tea bath and enjoy its benefits for yourself? The answer is simple. Our kit has everything you need to get you in the relaxing mood. Once you’ve done this, add two full cups of the bath tea to your bath water. Sit and relax you’ll be left with dewy and baby-soft skin after a hot bath with the Bath Tea Blend Kit.

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