This scented water holds a medium to strong, highly floral scent.  With good reason, since it is a blend of geranium and rose essential oils.  If you are looking for a super floral and uplifting scent to add to your lotions, etc. in a water soluble form, certainly give this one a try!


INCI: Water, Pelargonium roseum (geranium rose) essential oil, decyl glucoside (and) grain alcohol.


Usage ratio: You can replace all or part of the water content in your formulation with this ingredient.  If you find your finished product "too strong" -- add more water or additional water soluble ingredients (like aloe vera juice).  Can be used directly on the skin, at full strength (for instance, a body spray). As with any ingredient, we suggest performing a patch test for any sensitivity issues.

External Use Only.

Essential Water